Misters Burke and Hare

An unlikely pair of ne'er-do-wells


”’Ello Mr Burke”

“Good day Mr Hare”

”’Ow would you describe us, Mr Burke?”

“Pair o’ wheeler’s and dealers, Mr Hare. Finders of solutions.”

“O’ I like that, Mr Burke. Finders of solutions. For what kinds of problems Mr Hare?”

“For all kinds, Mr Burke, for all kinds. But especially for those problems that them fancy types don’t like to sully their hands with Mr Burke”.

Burke is tall and heavily muscled while Hare is tall, thin and calculating. Both wear tattered suits, with Mr Burke wearing a bowler hat while Mr Hare wears a top hat and tails.


Misters Burke and Hare are a pair of ne’er-do-wells, providing services to Universities, illegal ventures, madmen and butchers in the Port Clyster area.

Misters Burke and Hare

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