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  • Church of Selentium

    *Holy City:* Selentium, the capital of Asmulia; Ibrahim, birthplace of the Saviour, located in Zhenir. *Mortal Head:* His Holiness, Benefice Verrocchio *Holy Canons:* The Sacred Covenant (consists of two different texts: the First Covenant and the …

  • Des Sankta Glavos

    _“Let the word go out. Those who oppose the Church, oppose the will of Uriel and the teachings of Gatanades. Those who would take the path offered by the Whisperer of Impossible Secrets will suffer the cleansing flames of retribution. Have no doubt – …

  • Historia Elleslonum

    This tome talks of the history and royal line of the Isle of Ellesland. Nennius wrote mainly about present-day Cornumbria and Albion. The book is written in a very stylised but formal script. The emblem on the first page inside the leather cover …

  • Geographica

    Geographers of the modern world are only just beginning to understand its true dimensions and features. Explores and merchants bring back knowledge of lands beyond the sea and the Khanates, but a great deal of territory is still uncharted. This …

  • Emporium

    p{height:10px;text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *EMPORIUM*


    The foothills of the Pagan Mountains are full of unchecked roaming brigands and masterless knights. *The Land*: Ereworn has a very irregular coastline. The western coast in particular is deeply penetrated by numerous arms of the sea, most of which …

  • Cornumbria

    The Keltoi succeeded the original inhabitants of Cornumbria. At the time of the coming of the Selentines, the Kell tribes bore the common name Cymry. After a long struggle the subjugation of these tribes was completed by 217 PD. The Keltoi inhabitants …

  • Glissom

    To the north of the Kingdom of Ereworn lies the rich arable land of the Fief of Glissom. The fief is bounded to the north and west by sea, and to the south and east by a towering mountain range. This range is known as the Mountains of Brack and its …

  • Algandy

    Many cultures have risen and fallen in the region now known as Algandy. Arguably the greatest of these arose by 900 PD – Burvoy. The first historical mention of Burvoy was in this year, when Emphidians founded the colony of Massall on the southern coast …

  • County of Braeburg

    The Gouge forms the north border of the County of Braeburg, whilst Lalkovnia and Kurland forms the west and south and east borders respectively. Until the late 7^th^ century, Braeburg shared its history with Kurland. During the preceding centuries, …

  • Chaubrette

    Chaubrette is a shining jewel of a realm. The folk are educated, pious, and chivalry is in full bloom. The people of Chaubrette are generally fair of hair and skin, with blue being the most common eye colour. Chaubrette does not have the overcrowding …

  • Gnoph-keh

    p{height:10px;text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *GNOPH-KEH* !(media-item-align-center)http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/1028/dndmeetscthulhumed4.jpg(Gnoph-keh)! The Gnoph-keh is a beast with many oddities that …

  • The Five Faiths

    h3. The Five Faiths *Holy City:* Lae Bareth, Lu Komensae Island, Wair-Rae. *Mortal Head:* High King Caemarou *Holy Canons:* Kae Ansilsae *Holy Symbol:* see below *Majority Areas:* Ungria, Wair-Rae, Kaid-Onor, The Colonies *Other Areas:* …

  • Emporium - Armour

    p{height:10px;text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *ARMOUR*

  • Emporium - Arms

    p{height:10px;text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *ARMS*

    Emporium - Clothing

    p{text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *CLOTHING* Different characters may want different clothes for different occasions, and to help distinguish themselves from or blend in with others. Players can purchase …

  • Emporium - General Goods

    p{height:10px;text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *GENERAL GOODS*

    Emporium - Luxuries

    p{height:10px;text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *LUXURIES*

    Emporium - Property and Services

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  • Emporium - Transport

    p{height:10px;text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *TRANSPORT*

  • Emporium - Market

    p{height:10px;text-align:center;color:darkgoldenrod;font-family:papyrus;font-size:24pt}. *MARKET*

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  • Disappeared in 600 AS
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