Tag: Ambassador


  • Lord Yarol

    Hard edged crusty old man. Keen sense of justice and honour. Carries much anger resulting from Kurland's invasion of Karameikos. A champion of the rights of the common man.

  • Lord Marian y Valdez

    Loves to be the centre of attention - at court functions upstages other gentlemen by wearing exotic and spectacular clothes. Quick tempered but easily soothed. Susceptible to flattery, cynical and skilled in political dealings. Selfish of attention but …

  • Pelleas

    Warm, friendly and personably but with an edge. Smiles too broadly and makes lots of hand gestures. Was previously a ships captain.

  • Lord Lorgalis

    In the bay of Arafele, off of the coast of Emphidor, lies the Isle of Arafele. Nestled between Analika and Emphidor, it is actually more of an independent city-state than a nation. Both of its neighbours claim Arafele as a province despite its protests. …