Emporium - Clothing


Different characters may want different clothes for different occasions, and to help distinguish themselves from or blend in with others. Players can purchase clothing individually for their characters or as ready made ‘outfits’.


Item Cost Avail. Item Cost Avail.
Apron, Cloth6 spPlentifulHandkerchief6 cbAverage
Apron, Leather10 GFCommonHandkerchief, Silk4 GFAverage
Belt3 spPlentifulHat, Cap2 spPlentiful
Belt, Sword/Tool4 GFPlentifulHat, Caul5 GFScarce
Boot, Court18 GFRareHat, Hood5 spCommon
Boots, Hip High8 GFAverageHat, Wide-brimmed / Fancy2 GFCommon
Boots, Hobnailed30 GFRareJerkin or Vest10 spPlentiful
Boots, Low1 GFCommonKilt12 spCommon
Boots, Riding3 GFAverageMask10 spAverage
Cape, long9 spCommonOvercoat8 GFAverage
Cape, short5 spCommonPouch, Almoner3 spAverage
Cloak, Baladrana9 spPlentifulPouch, Large8 btCommon
Cloak, Cloth2 spPlentifulPouch, Small4 btPlentiful
Cloak, Fine Fur50 GFRareSash30 cbAverage
Cloak, Mantle8 spCommonScarf/Neckerchief6 spPlentiful
Coat or Jacket, heavy5 GFPlentifulShirt2 spPlentiful
Coat or Jacket, light3 GFPlentifulShirt, Chemise3 spPlentiful
Collar, Falling Band1 spAverageShirt, Doublet3 spPlentiful
Collar, Gorget3 GFRareShirt, Tunic8 spPlentiful
Collar, Ruff12 GFRareShoes8 spPlentiful
Collar, Standing Band2 spScarceShoes, Sandals2 spCommon
Dress or Gown8 spPlentifulSurcote1 GFPlentiful
Gloves, Archer7 GFScarceTabard6 spCommon
Gloves, Cloth Mittens2 spCommonTrousers6 spPlentiful
Gloves, Falconry8 GFRareTrousers, Breeches2 GFCommon
Gloves, Leather1 GFCommonTrousers, Cannons12 GFRare
Gloves, Mittens4 spPlentiful


Item Cost Wgt Avail. Item Cost Wgt Avail.
Armsman4 GF4 lbAverageMonk’s Robes5 GF2 lbAverage
Artisan/Craftsman1 GF4 lbAverageNoble75 GF10 lbsScarce
Cold Weather8 GF7 lbsAveragePriest’s Vestments5 GF6 lbsAverage
Costume10 GF2 lbsCommonProfessional5 GF6 lbCommon
Courtier30 GF6 lbScarceRags1 cb1 lbPlentiful
Entertainer3 GF4 lbAverageRoyal200 GF15 lbVery Rare
Explorer10 GF8 lbAverageTradesman1 GF3 lbCommon
Farmer1 sp2 lbPlentifulTraveller/Pilgrim1 GF5 lbCommon
Keltoi Clothing18 sp4 lbsScarce


Item is… Village Large Village Small Town Town Major Town or City
Very Rare 1% 5% 5% 10% 25%
Rare 3% 7% 10% 15% 30%
Scarce 5% 10% 15% 25% 40%
Average 10% 20% 27% 35% 55%
Common 20% 35% 45% 50% 80%
Plentiful 35% 60% 65% 70% 100%

Emporium - Clothing

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