Shadows Gather Darkly

Aldo's Scribbles


As we move through Florentine we are blamed for the attack, and called on for help. Locals continue to loot the area and Kathal and Leopold are separated from us. Alec is knocked unconscious and we move both Shendir and Alec into an alleyway. An mob of locals are chasing us and throwing things. The doors are open and we move further down the alley. The mob passes us by. We meet up with a group of Des Sankta Glavos and Guardia. They are carrying Kathal and an Inquisitor and are heading to the local guardhouse.

After reaching the guardhouse all injured receive healing and they regain consciousness. We are questioned by the Inquisitor (Volk) while Leopold arrives with injured people and more Guardia Volk calls a meeting stating that we need to recapture or kill the witches and warlocks. 3 teams are set up, with our group in the backup team, led by Alec. While waiting a mob arrives wanton g shelter. We extend the guardhouse to protect the mob. Checking the new people for brands and noting names. Building a barricade into them market outside. Some of the foot solders caught but no witches or warlocks.

Next morning the square is full of people. Move barricade to include the square and a well. We need to find food. Head out and look through warehouses. Find grain, flour and semolina. Return with the food. There is group of screaming locals outside a church. They are setting the church on fire, while people are inside. Shendir sings to calm the crowd. Most move away leaving 8 people. Group continues to set the fire throwing oil and a lit torch. Then the group runs of. We attempt to put out the fire, but it has taken hold. We enter the church to help get out the people and important relics/equipment. Return with the food and ten priests.

Inshabul is waiting and requests that all three groups attend Volk. Volk has found a warlock who has taken refuge in a amnion. He is controlling the crowd outside and the four inquisitors (Volk, Haldain, Roban and Lyko) present cannot enter the mansion.



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