Shadows Gather Darkly

Aldo's Scribbles

Florentine Conclave Attacked

Darryl, Shendir, Shendir’s wife, Kathal and I have been called to Florentine for the Great Conclave. We are expected to be involved in the huge parade, wearing the parade uniform that is both useless on combat and heavy to wear. There is also going to be a section for captured witches and warlocks from the Crusades against magic.

The navel fleet in the harbour fired on the parade and surrounding area of Florentine. The city is reduced to chaos, with LOL, Des Santka Glavos, prisoners and locals madly looking for cover/protection/escape. We come across a girl being attacked. She is actually a witch and aided by a stranger (Leopold) we were forced to kill her. Escaped witches and warlocks use the chaos to advantage, casting spells which affect the party. Kathal attacks both us and a group of Des Sankta Glavos. Prisoner guards attack our group and people start acting against their normal ethical beliefs. A mist appears what talk to us all and we have aching heads because of it. Kathal and Darryl are knock out, but are healed and return to the fighting. Madness continues to flow through the streets with the navel fleet attempting one last attack on Florentine. Shendir is knocked out and as the people riot we move an unconscious Shendir further into Florentine.



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