Shadows Gather Darkly

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc

My Adventures with the Legion of the Light or 101 Reasons Why Perhaps You Should Not Open That Door


Much of this document is fragmented and does not make grammatical sense. This is because much of what I have seen has seriously affected me and that often when I was scribbling my journal I was often fleeing for my life.

I hope these notes are able to assist others who associate with the Legion to live a longer life.

The Hunt for the Beast

Pardus and Hastings goes with main group at abbey wanting to take Varnon and Markus out to stop “Bad things”. What are the problems?


Eric, Anton and Darryl huddle to discuss how to pass responsibility for breaking Varnon out or how to put it in the best light. Barabas and Kathal sit it out.

Could be burnt at the stake for doing this.

Discussion of pidgeons.

Discussion of fire.

Send pidgeon to Inquisitors and Klister saying “can we take V to save the world?”

Very late Sunday 19th – Tyrus “No.”

At noon Monday 20th – Vicar General “Obey the Church”

Morning Tuesday 21st – Renzey “Cryptic”

Varnon – Beasts of Darathon immune to normal man made weapons

  • Tells Darryl about where his sword is (in vault)
  • Noble metals especially silver good
  • Not many beasts, so take out before ritual
  • Ritual description – How to interrupt. Risk of C arriving if ritual unstopped.
  • Two hour ritual.
  • Interrupt early and often.

Tuesday the 21st 09:05 left for Clyster. Ended talking to Kathal for last four days. Jacques knows very little of the above.

23rd – Meeting with Vic Gen, explained, asked for permission to get sword from Vault. Says “no” and using evil weapons to fight is BAD.

Eric “lends” Cathyl his “special long sword” after his father’s sword might not work. Got one dagger and two long spears in silver. Eric paid. No pidgeon.

24th – Apocalypse tomorrow. Leave Clyster.

Evil storm starts brewing from South east. Lightning, rain solid and driving, thunder.

Six hour (overlong) ride – still going. Decide to ride on.

2 hours later arrive at just after dusk, but it had been dark all day anyway. Saw some butchered animal carcasses. Went to find Pardes and Hastings at tavern. Not there. Try Inn. Found innkeeper in a meal. Cathyl asked about Hastings, Pardartus and Alec. Asked where he is, upstairs. Go up to nice study. Asked why no V, Darryl says “church Trouble” Pardidus “This is a very bad thing”.

Trying to track but failed. Shape shifters of unknown number. Could be human, more of a question. Maybe other shapes as well. Horrible murders, aerial view shows sigil being traced out, have identified next strike place, either at dusk or apex of moon. Cloud cover is making it difficult. Will persist. All is a best guess. Possibly connected to murders.

Valley in a hill. Stygian darkness. Said Silver Weapons were very good, hadn’t got them here.

Order magical / good / useful weapons with right people. I got nothing, but basically pretty good.

Two Veshanti, Michael and Gregor, fetch us to their Grandmother, faced beast, and did tarot reading to find help – walking in rain through farm and woods.

In the woods, dark night, wind and rain. Many surprised. Mages all, fighters none. Attacked by werewolf – Anton and Eric nicked.

Gypsy Cave

Old woman on old bed of furs. Beautiful but ugly as well. Powers are growing as well. Only knows of one, only saw one. Ways to defeat include DO NOT gypsy ways NOR normal weapons.
They have come to fight. Born in Carath. Heavily bandaged legs – blood oozing through bandages.
It lives in a cottage deep in the south woods, in a valley. One beast. She gives directions.



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