Shadows Gather Darkly

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc

Twas The Night Before The Apocalypes

Sometime connected to Zenith of the moon.

Have rough idea of the place.

Some silver weapons and Eric’s and Cathal’s sword.

She thinks only one.

She about to do a reading as the game restarts.

Highly stylized cards. I ask about what we face tonight.

Selected “the bear” as the focus.

Those partaking (Pardus and Jaques and Darryl) hold and shuffle the cards. Others watch.

The beast seeks Justice for imagined past crimes.

Eric mutters throughout.

Midnight, pouring rain. Stabilize situation at Veshanti cave. Set out with high hopes. Hasting says “they may draw power from the Luna Cycle so attack at daytime.”

Head back to the Inn, and sleep til dawn. Hunt the beast to the cottage in the south. Collect Alec on route. Moon sets just as the moon rises.

Forest. Raining. Hours pass; see small wisps of smoke from cabin in the glen. Two kids, woman standing with arm in sling standing in glen.

She smiles at them, obviously at a mother’s children. They have soft, fuzzy fur – not normal for orcs. But they look happy.

2 minutes later, as we rush in, she herds the kids inside and changes into wolf or bear appearance. Uh oh. Big claws.

Eric charges in, gets hit. Eric sniggers, wolf in pain, kids crying. Plan to drop a Hold Person on wolf to talk/save her.

Hastings has gone to kill the kids. Cathal & Darryl go to stop him, Anton heals women and I read minds.

Mental image of a rampaging mob. Terrible, fires, fear.

Cathal drags Hastings out and declares kids safe. He looks slightly flipped out at the thoughts of the talking bear.

After casting sleep a lot, I thought getting multiple pairs of handcuffs or restraints.

Watched Anton ‘laying on hands’.

Artwork of burning bite on the back of Eric’s neck.



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