Shadows Gather Darkly

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc

The Rock

Anton declares were bear not out, and realizes the same does not apply to the veshanti witch. Discussion ensure on Evil. Both suspect each other, but both wrong.

Hastings is with us. Cottage is on fire, but due to rain (hurray!) not a problem. Got hammered by wolves and grab ow. They set the fire, and something unusual about them.

Witch (Veskinga) Were bear (Edonia) Going to take them prisoner and watch them.

Rough plan

Visit veshanti – something accusing, not sure why. Few attacks. Be cautious. Discussion of attack just to kill her.

The Veshanti Witch, Pt II

Visit, yes. Question violently. [Still out day time]. Eric says kill her. Debate. Cathal returns his sword and rest at Inn with Alex to guard Edonia. Be at site 2 hours before sun set, with Alec primed, in case we are delayed. Plan to visit gypsy, then Inn, then site.

I linger to cast ESP. They are out. Eric says we should have killed them when we had the chance. Hastings can’t understand why we save evil things. Early afternoon back at the Inn. Eric orders Cathal to guard Edonia. Rest. Set out. Arrange weapons. Send a scout to Inn to get Kathal, as we need a ranger. Cathal arrives and tracks. Find limping set and big set of humans, and close by many wolves in single file – unusual.

Eric hears wolf ahead at bottom of valley. Lots of them. Bit of a clearing. Eric says, “Oh shit”.

Cathal estimates 30+ wolves and 2 figures. We find a defendable rock close to the figures and need to jump the last bit.

Pardartus interrupts with Unseen servant before other leap out and attack. Eric stabs the woman with the spear in the head.

Detect magic, conjuration/alteration, and many pretty sparkles partout (That’s Chaubrette for everywhere). Small magic field about heads.

Anton realizes they are not evil at all. All wolves scream and howl as one as the woman died. An unearthly howl begins to wail from a rippling bulging wolf. Uh oh. Stands, no, towers 7 foot high man-wolf. And pass a SAN check, but still loose 1 for the transformation and 1 cause all this is new. Pardus cats Hold Person, I ESP, and wolves circle. Reading its mind hurts and tests my spell.

Cathal and Eric defend us, Vishanti corpse and guy have gone, Hasting unconscious.

The Wolfman turned into Greigor, so we realize they were not the Beasts of Darathon. Regularly keep taking gashes from nowhere – suspect standing, weakened. Veshanti woman (wolf form) says, “Give me the bodies of my sons. Will trade info for them.”

At sundown, a huge lightning bolt lights up the whole valley. Turns out they were requested to do the ritual and have been called Beasts of Darathon. We should trade but Alec says, “Kill them all”. Eric suggests we could hold the bears til dawn. Eric shoots at hold by wolf. Alec says, “No! The wolves”



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