Shadows Gather Darkly

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc

A Hard Place

Tracked a clearing with chanting werewolves & wolves. Pardatus interrupted from hiding with fingers of an unseen servant. We crept up, and Eric stabbed one through the head unknowing that she was actually the Beast. We killed one elf with Hold Person and set up a circle of protection (in the lousy rain!) to buy time. After the fight, she offers to trade “valuable info” for “the bodies of her sons”. After a short discussion, Eric says “Kill them”. Somehow also some people are receiving fell and evil cuts from nowhere. Painful, not killing.

Suddenly, Alec’s throat gushes blood as he falls off the rock. Kathal grabs at him, but slips on the blood. Anton crazily jumps off after him, landing on the body to “save him from wolves”. Then he gets off Alec’s body and starts to heal him. Then Kathal jumps down to save Anton, but hurts himself on the way. He sets up a defensive wall of steel. From below are screams and growls of wolves.

Pardatus drops Fear across the clearing. We all pass, and the wolves flee in terror. Kathal keeps hacking, shouting that these things should be dead and would not be so.

Then I alone saw something that costs 5 SAN. The vampric touched (Pardatus) werewolf started to shudder. Hastings and I sit out the rest of the battle, gibbering incoherently and crying.

The wolf knocks Anton’s holy symbol away and prepares to eat him. All is tense – Darryl half stunned and groggy, Anton disarmed, Kathal bleeding badly, Eric running and myself gibbering. The wolf lifts Anton up by the throat, demanding the bodies of her children.

Anton casts something desperately, and then she crumbles for no good reason, leaving Anton to decide whether to kill them. Darryl asks about it, but Anton shrugs and wanders about looking for his holy symbol.

I cast locate object, “find” and give it to Anton. We return to the kill or not discussion. We restrain it.

Eric, Pardatus and Jaques go back to town for oil to burn the bodies, and tent making equipment – this rain and mud really suck.

The fire is started, cooperative set up, bodies are burnt. I snoop her sleeping mind for information on who sent her, but it hurts. A lot. But I get answers.

Great Wyrm, where is it, who moved it.

Bracelet of Tara, priest, Curathions?

And I wake up screaming loudly and declaiming

_“Twin moons of madness I saw them, and they saw Me. They saw me! The Great Wyrm shall rise”._

Drew the Myradin with flame flowing from his eyes, with the heads of the party steaming apart. Then I slept while everyone was brought up to date on him. I gave raw info and will work out how to reveal I could have possibly known that.



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