Shadows Gather Darkly

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc

Less Stygian Darkness

Dawn arrives, or at least less stygian darkness. A restrained huge werewolf lies near the fire, tents providing inadequate shelter. We discuss weather or not to take it or kill it here. Tannis is not a valid choice. I have been screaming about twin moons. This is not usual behavior, and action is needed here.

Legion operations say kill.

Darryl says no.

We wait some more.

Anton suspects I am using magic. Not good but at least I don’t get burnt. Alec cuts it up, but its hide resists. Kathal and Darryl hold it with spears while Alec slowly beheads it with his sword. One dead Beast. Kathal is ordered to drop it on the fire. Anton becomes my ‘counselor’. Back to the Inn. Adriana is still there, so is Pardus. Pardus looks manicured and relaxed. And smug. Adriana is lectured by Anton and then leaves. Kathal looks for her, but she is gone.

Head to Netherford to thwart the Myrradin by the broach of Tara.

Pardus says Tara’s Broach is one of the thirteen treasures of the land. Artifact. Ying-yang design, symbol of kingship. Hur, King of Tara first wore it. Said smith becomes yelps afraid others min control. In the book of Willtai by Dioderan.

A very long and oldsheet discussion ensues about past evening and here if all sys up. Then I mention Netherford and it all falls into place – the Myradin. So Kylster, research the Tara. Set Alec to paperwork, and then go east.

If we go to Klyster, could I research (research prof 14)

  1. Curathians (contained) – No
  2. Great Wyrm – No
  3. Tara’s Broach – Yes
  4. The war of Tsthogguia v Cthon – Yes
  5. Professor Ronald Galloway – No
  6. Holders of the Trust. – Yes

One group goes to Klyster. Glass tower is located off central coast of Cornumbria, south of Movent (a bit).



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