Shadows Gather Darkly

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc

The Hunting Hounds of Cthon

Apparently we have split into two groups – Netherford for research and Kylster. Hastings is currently going to Klyster and stay there. He is not in good favor currently.

On the mid morning of the 30th, a messenger tries to find Eric, Anton and Darryl
regarding the messy murder of Professor Ronald Galloway.
We go to the crime scene, only I have forbidden lore and one single paw print embedded in stone makes me twitch.

Hunting Horrors of Cthon, wild Hunt of Keros, Hounds of Tindalos.

Tindalos, probably, but a bit smaller than usual. This is a hound of Cthon. BAD news. They don’t give up, immune to normal weapons. Daylight is BAD for them. Baying of the hound scare all normal animals especially horses. We go in. Hounds leave prints only in natural stone.
A scholar’s house. A faint magical aura lingers. Study – nothing magical, some nice first editions and history books. Study a mess, splattered with blood and papers. Random page reveals a report on interesting items (druidic) located on another page. I draw the character for Kathal and Eric as we look for it. Kathal gives up after a while of asking “Is this it?” “No.” “Is this it?” “No.”

We take the ‘evidence’ i.e. the papers, books, tables and expensive books downstairs to the Legion HQ for later perusal. Lo-Are (captain) doesn’t help me, but Eric phrases it more militaristically (small words). Eric says that Anton is “busy” but will get someone, possibly Qualm’s secretary. Eric asks Qualm what they should do. Secretary will work on blood soaked papers.

Eric says the Myraddin is probably involved. Will be at Netherford in a few days and we should be there.

Search the artifacts in boxes, and order loose papers. Qualm gets told about me, and is down with it. Wants more reinforcements, unfortunately only about 20 experienced Legionnaires around.
Eric lays it all out. GM doesn’t want to send in heaps of men to be slaughtered. Secrecy (Qualm) vs survival (Eric). I end up going through the boxes and papers until we go to Netherford.



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