Shadows Gather Darkly

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc

The Broach of Tara

Clyster – Jaques, Anton, Eric and Kathal

Kantorbridge – Pardus, Darryl

[Note: Sometimes where text appears in relation to other text is important as they contain intellectual or chronological links. This has not made the transition to electronic document very well, bear this in mind. RS 19/05/2009]

Immediately suspect papers have been rifled, many conclusions missing. That, or was being controlled, but suspect an academic competitor, or someone covering up a conspiracy.

Discovered (supposedly) by young archeologist Morley was “Red Book of Hergest”. Gets Mount Morley named after him. Land there is a bit barren and blasted.

Local lead : Parcere Bretwold, priest of Axbridge.

Terrible illness started when worker landed badly near the site’s door and broke his legs. Then he sweated blood, infectious. Stopped by quarantine and a local doctor [LOOK HIM UP!!] last victim was P Bretwold, who was taken to Braieton Hospital and never returned (at least to the dig).

Describes entry to crypt aided by Legion of Light, and glyphs, organ containing jars, broken glasses, altar, scrolls, grooves etc


glyphs are warding versus evil ‘dark spirits’. Blood grooves apparently flowed up against gravity over the walls! and ceiling!

“A great Treasure” buried with a king outside Netherford.

Students who helped on the dig after permission was at last obtained were Richard McFarland and Lawrence Daniels.

An evil miasma hung over Netherford, milky white stinky-ass crap.

First dig at Gilbert Morley’s Mound failed due to bad weather. The second dig found tomb of Mulan king and artifacts. Possibly Sir Morley (or someone else) entered before, rearranged things and left. List of treasure included extremely old broach adorned with gold.

Work Details

Daniels → Library of Valoret to follow references to Red Book of Hergest. Only copy located at “Celeano Library”. No place/family called that.

McFarland → Braiton University to identify the broach.


glyphs actually translate (roughly) to “keep those of air” at bay, facing outwards, like a trap or prison.

C – The Aerth Books of Vallander and Malthor

A tower rose and fell three times (Vortigern) need the blood of a child with no father to make it strong Ambrosia turns out to be more of a seer than an advisor, not a support structure.

C – Lester Cartwright (Librarian of Braiton University) contacted about Red Book by Professor Galloway. Will help him find information in others since no longer in collection [CHASE UP WHERE IT IS OR WHEN/WHO LAST HAD IT]

C – A crumbling old book called “Le Morte Vallydyne”
Malthor (Merlin) get the Lady (Viviane) to make Excalibur (Caliburn) for Vallendyne (Arthur)

To complete Logres has to have Grail, Spear, Dish and Knives.

Dragon (Ganthor) defeated by Viv and Malth then they go rest at the lake. Viv nicks Mathor’s magic, backstabs him and locks him in a tower of air, buried alive under a stone, trapped sealed in a stone vault, trapped in a glass tower. [WHO ARE THE HOLDERS OF THE TRUST? connected with Deynora(?)]

Clyster group going to Braieton?
Maybe. Apparently we need Vahnan, and have two plans a) kidnap b) legal clout.
Only real recourse is Hesketh, go see him to reverse Tyrus’s imprisonment of Vahnan. No dice.
Canterbridge group → Netherford. Pardus yaks on and on about Malthor re-entering the world. Apparently a Council of the Secret should be called and research on the Myrradin be done by n00bs and collected for Pardus.

Kylster: The Myrradin will be in Klister in 5 days. Shendir’s child will be born, Myrradin wants it. Using the guise of Bretwold, will show up in person, so Anton will stay in Clyster with Shendir in the protected home to face him. Kathal, Eric and myself head to Braieton to get the broach. Pardus, Darryl, Alec and Hastings go to Netherford.
(note – 970 early entry at Netherford(ed-??))

Netherford group. On the road there is a mass exodus from Netherford. Not plague, says one fleeing, sneezing, hacking wretch, just death. The vapors in the air. Scarves seem to work for protection. Pardus and Hastings retch from the awful smell and white slimy sludge. Necromantic magic hangs about like an evil miasma. Town centre smells of lime, and windows have been closed off. They demand and receive entry to the records. No Dencris records, so they camp outside the city and wait. After three days, the messenger (Evelyn) arrives. Pardus is unhappy from the lack of creature comforts and hygiene. Eric is hauled from the tent to receive the message. All is discussed and takes a very long time. It turns out there are various interpretations of Vallender, ranging from him being 100% good to pretty evil.

As we move out of the alcove to investigate, I will try to move to an unobtrusive position, clutch the magic staff more tightly, and cast detect magic and look at the signs, and around. For some unknown reason, I’ll try to avoid looking down (again).

They radiate strong abjuration. There is a faint hint of necromancy from below.
Are any of the fallen elder signs visible as a magic aura anywhere on the way down? I might subconsciously stop just before I’d have to see it.

The seal you are looking at starts to have a new glow – one of strong evocation. As the glow gets stronger, the seal becomes less distinct. The seal starts to look out of focus.
I’ll look at the others, moving up if required. If this is the only seal acting like this, I’ll examine the highly magical stick I’ve been carrying around and consider hitting the seal with it, if nothing happens.

The seal shatters.

Is the Myradin radiating magic?

Any items that could be stolen off him?



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