Shadows Gather Darkly

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc
The Hunting Hounds of Cthon

Apparently we have split into two groups – Netherford for research and Kylster. Hastings is currently going to Klyster and stay there. He is not in good favor currently.

On the mid morning of the 30th, a messenger tries to find Eric, Anton and Darryl
regarding the messy murder of Professor Ronald Galloway.
We go to the crime scene, only I have forbidden lore and one single paw print embedded in stone makes me twitch.

Hunting Horrors of Cthon, wild Hunt of Keros, Hounds of Tindalos.

Tindalos, probably, but a bit smaller than usual. This is a hound of Cthon. BAD news. They don’t give up, immune to normal weapons. Daylight is BAD for them. Baying of the hound scare all normal animals especially horses. We go in. Hounds leave prints only in natural stone.
A scholar’s house. A faint magical aura lingers. Study – nothing magical, some nice first editions and history books. Study a mess, splattered with blood and papers. Random page reveals a report on interesting items (druidic) located on another page. I draw the character for Kathal and Eric as we look for it. Kathal gives up after a while of asking “Is this it?” “No.” “Is this it?” “No.”

We take the ‘evidence’ i.e. the papers, books, tables and expensive books downstairs to the Legion HQ for later perusal. Lo-Are (captain) doesn’t help me, but Eric phrases it more militaristically (small words). Eric says that Anton is “busy” but will get someone, possibly Qualm’s secretary. Eric asks Qualm what they should do. Secretary will work on blood soaked papers.

Eric says the Myraddin is probably involved. Will be at Netherford in a few days and we should be there.

Search the artifacts in boxes, and order loose papers. Qualm gets told about me, and is down with it. Wants more reinforcements, unfortunately only about 20 experienced Legionnaires around.
Eric lays it all out. GM doesn’t want to send in heaps of men to be slaughtered. Secrecy (Qualm) vs survival (Eric). I end up going through the boxes and papers until we go to Netherford.

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc
Less Stygian Darkness

Dawn arrives, or at least less stygian darkness. A restrained huge werewolf lies near the fire, tents providing inadequate shelter. We discuss weather or not to take it or kill it here. Tannis is not a valid choice. I have been screaming about twin moons. This is not usual behavior, and action is needed here.

Legion operations say kill.

Darryl says no.

We wait some more.

Anton suspects I am using magic. Not good but at least I don’t get burnt. Alec cuts it up, but its hide resists. Kathal and Darryl hold it with spears while Alec slowly beheads it with his sword. One dead Beast. Kathal is ordered to drop it on the fire. Anton becomes my ‘counselor’. Back to the Inn. Adriana is still there, so is Pardus. Pardus looks manicured and relaxed. And smug. Adriana is lectured by Anton and then leaves. Kathal looks for her, but she is gone.

Head to Netherford to thwart the Myrradin by the broach of Tara.

Pardus says Tara’s Broach is one of the thirteen treasures of the land. Artifact. Ying-yang design, symbol of kingship. Hur, King of Tara first wore it. Said smith becomes yelps afraid others min control. In the book of Willtai by Dioderan.

A very long and oldsheet discussion ensues about past evening and here if all sys up. Then I mention Netherford and it all falls into place – the Myradin. So Kylster, research the Tara. Set Alec to paperwork, and then go east.

If we go to Klyster, could I research (research prof 14)

  1. Curathians (contained) – No
  2. Great Wyrm – No
  3. Tara’s Broach – Yes
  4. The war of Tsthogguia v Cthon – Yes
  5. Professor Ronald Galloway – No
  6. Holders of the Trust. – Yes

One group goes to Klyster. Glass tower is located off central coast of Cornumbria, south of Movent (a bit).

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc
A Hard Place

Tracked a clearing with chanting werewolves & wolves. Pardatus interrupted from hiding with fingers of an unseen servant. We crept up, and Eric stabbed one through the head unknowing that she was actually the Beast. We killed one elf with Hold Person and set up a circle of protection (in the lousy rain!) to buy time. After the fight, she offers to trade “valuable info” for “the bodies of her sons”. After a short discussion, Eric says “Kill them”. Somehow also some people are receiving fell and evil cuts from nowhere. Painful, not killing.

Suddenly, Alec’s throat gushes blood as he falls off the rock. Kathal grabs at him, but slips on the blood. Anton crazily jumps off after him, landing on the body to “save him from wolves”. Then he gets off Alec’s body and starts to heal him. Then Kathal jumps down to save Anton, but hurts himself on the way. He sets up a defensive wall of steel. From below are screams and growls of wolves.

Pardatus drops Fear across the clearing. We all pass, and the wolves flee in terror. Kathal keeps hacking, shouting that these things should be dead and would not be so.

Then I alone saw something that costs 5 SAN. The vampric touched (Pardatus) werewolf started to shudder. Hastings and I sit out the rest of the battle, gibbering incoherently and crying.

The wolf knocks Anton’s holy symbol away and prepares to eat him. All is tense – Darryl half stunned and groggy, Anton disarmed, Kathal bleeding badly, Eric running and myself gibbering. The wolf lifts Anton up by the throat, demanding the bodies of her children.

Anton casts something desperately, and then she crumbles for no good reason, leaving Anton to decide whether to kill them. Darryl asks about it, but Anton shrugs and wanders about looking for his holy symbol.

I cast locate object, “find” and give it to Anton. We return to the kill or not discussion. We restrain it.

Eric, Pardatus and Jaques go back to town for oil to burn the bodies, and tent making equipment – this rain and mud really suck.

The fire is started, cooperative set up, bodies are burnt. I snoop her sleeping mind for information on who sent her, but it hurts. A lot. But I get answers.

Great Wyrm, where is it, who moved it.

Bracelet of Tara, priest, Curathions?

And I wake up screaming loudly and declaiming

_“Twin moons of madness I saw them, and they saw Me. They saw me! The Great Wyrm shall rise”._

Drew the Myradin with flame flowing from his eyes, with the heads of the party steaming apart. Then I slept while everyone was brought up to date on him. I gave raw info and will work out how to reveal I could have possibly known that.

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc
The Rock

Anton declares were bear not out, and realizes the same does not apply to the veshanti witch. Discussion ensure on Evil. Both suspect each other, but both wrong.

Hastings is with us. Cottage is on fire, but due to rain (hurray!) not a problem. Got hammered by wolves and grab ow. They set the fire, and something unusual about them.

Witch (Veskinga) Were bear (Edonia) Going to take them prisoner and watch them.

Rough plan

Visit veshanti – something accusing, not sure why. Few attacks. Be cautious. Discussion of attack just to kill her.

The Veshanti Witch, Pt II

Visit, yes. Question violently. [Still out day time]. Eric says kill her. Debate. Cathal returns his sword and rest at Inn with Alex to guard Edonia. Be at site 2 hours before sun set, with Alec primed, in case we are delayed. Plan to visit gypsy, then Inn, then site.

I linger to cast ESP. They are out. Eric says we should have killed them when we had the chance. Hastings can’t understand why we save evil things. Early afternoon back at the Inn. Eric orders Cathal to guard Edonia. Rest. Set out. Arrange weapons. Send a scout to Inn to get Kathal, as we need a ranger. Cathal arrives and tracks. Find limping set and big set of humans, and close by many wolves in single file – unusual.

Eric hears wolf ahead at bottom of valley. Lots of them. Bit of a clearing. Eric says, “Oh shit”.

Cathal estimates 30+ wolves and 2 figures. We find a defendable rock close to the figures and need to jump the last bit.

Pardartus interrupts with Unseen servant before other leap out and attack. Eric stabs the woman with the spear in the head.

Detect magic, conjuration/alteration, and many pretty sparkles partout (That’s Chaubrette for everywhere). Small magic field about heads.

Anton realizes they are not evil at all. All wolves scream and howl as one as the woman died. An unearthly howl begins to wail from a rippling bulging wolf. Uh oh. Stands, no, towers 7 foot high man-wolf. And pass a SAN check, but still loose 1 for the transformation and 1 cause all this is new. Pardus cats Hold Person, I ESP, and wolves circle. Reading its mind hurts and tests my spell.

Cathal and Eric defend us, Vishanti corpse and guy have gone, Hasting unconscious.

The Wolfman turned into Greigor, so we realize they were not the Beasts of Darathon. Regularly keep taking gashes from nowhere – suspect standing, weakened. Veshanti woman (wolf form) says, “Give me the bodies of my sons. Will trade info for them.”

At sundown, a huge lightning bolt lights up the whole valley. Turns out they were requested to do the ritual and have been called Beasts of Darathon. We should trade but Alec says, “Kill them all”. Eric suggests we could hold the bears til dawn. Eric shoots at hold by wolf. Alec says, “No! The wolves”

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc
Twas The Night Before The Apocalypes

Sometime connected to Zenith of the moon.

Have rough idea of the place.

Some silver weapons and Eric’s and Cathal’s sword.

She thinks only one.

She about to do a reading as the game restarts.

Highly stylized cards. I ask about what we face tonight.

Selected “the bear” as the focus.

Those partaking (Pardus and Jaques and Darryl) hold and shuffle the cards. Others watch.

The beast seeks Justice for imagined past crimes.

Eric mutters throughout.

Midnight, pouring rain. Stabilize situation at Veshanti cave. Set out with high hopes. Hasting says “they may draw power from the Luna Cycle so attack at daytime.”

Head back to the Inn, and sleep til dawn. Hunt the beast to the cottage in the south. Collect Alec on route. Moon sets just as the moon rises.

Forest. Raining. Hours pass; see small wisps of smoke from cabin in the glen. Two kids, woman standing with arm in sling standing in glen.

She smiles at them, obviously at a mother’s children. They have soft, fuzzy fur – not normal for orcs. But they look happy.

2 minutes later, as we rush in, she herds the kids inside and changes into wolf or bear appearance. Uh oh. Big claws.

Eric charges in, gets hit. Eric sniggers, wolf in pain, kids crying. Plan to drop a Hold Person on wolf to talk/save her.

Hastings has gone to kill the kids. Cathal & Darryl go to stop him, Anton heals women and I read minds.

Mental image of a rampaging mob. Terrible, fires, fear.

Cathal drags Hastings out and declares kids safe. He looks slightly flipped out at the thoughts of the talking bear.

After casting sleep a lot, I thought getting multiple pairs of handcuffs or restraints.

Watched Anton ‘laying on hands’.

Artwork of burning bite on the back of Eric’s neck.

The Life and Times of Jacques LeBlanc
My Adventures with the Legion of the Light or 101 Reasons Why Perhaps You Should Not Open That Door


Much of this document is fragmented and does not make grammatical sense. This is because much of what I have seen has seriously affected me and that often when I was scribbling my journal I was often fleeing for my life.

I hope these notes are able to assist others who associate with the Legion to live a longer life.

The Hunt for the Beast

Pardus and Hastings goes with main group at abbey wanting to take Varnon and Markus out to stop “Bad things”. What are the problems?


Eric, Anton and Darryl huddle to discuss how to pass responsibility for breaking Varnon out or how to put it in the best light. Barabas and Kathal sit it out.

Could be burnt at the stake for doing this.

Discussion of pidgeons.

Discussion of fire.

Send pidgeon to Inquisitors and Klister saying “can we take V to save the world?”

Very late Sunday 19th – Tyrus “No.”

At noon Monday 20th – Vicar General “Obey the Church”

Morning Tuesday 21st – Renzey “Cryptic”

Varnon – Beasts of Darathon immune to normal man made weapons

  • Tells Darryl about where his sword is (in vault)
  • Noble metals especially silver good
  • Not many beasts, so take out before ritual
  • Ritual description – How to interrupt. Risk of C arriving if ritual unstopped.
  • Two hour ritual.
  • Interrupt early and often.

Tuesday the 21st 09:05 left for Clyster. Ended talking to Kathal for last four days. Jacques knows very little of the above.

23rd – Meeting with Vic Gen, explained, asked for permission to get sword from Vault. Says “no” and using evil weapons to fight is BAD.

Eric “lends” Cathyl his “special long sword” after his father’s sword might not work. Got one dagger and two long spears in silver. Eric paid. No pidgeon.

24th – Apocalypse tomorrow. Leave Clyster.

Evil storm starts brewing from South east. Lightning, rain solid and driving, thunder.

Six hour (overlong) ride – still going. Decide to ride on.

2 hours later arrive at just after dusk, but it had been dark all day anyway. Saw some butchered animal carcasses. Went to find Pardes and Hastings at tavern. Not there. Try Inn. Found innkeeper in a meal. Cathyl asked about Hastings, Pardartus and Alec. Asked where he is, upstairs. Go up to nice study. Asked why no V, Darryl says “church Trouble” Pardidus “This is a very bad thing”.

Trying to track but failed. Shape shifters of unknown number. Could be human, more of a question. Maybe other shapes as well. Horrible murders, aerial view shows sigil being traced out, have identified next strike place, either at dusk or apex of moon. Cloud cover is making it difficult. Will persist. All is a best guess. Possibly connected to murders.

Valley in a hill. Stygian darkness. Said Silver Weapons were very good, hadn’t got them here.

Order magical / good / useful weapons with right people. I got nothing, but basically pretty good.

Two Veshanti, Michael and Gregor, fetch us to their Grandmother, faced beast, and did tarot reading to find help – walking in rain through farm and woods.

In the woods, dark night, wind and rain. Many surprised. Mages all, fighters none. Attacked by werewolf – Anton and Eric nicked.

Gypsy Cave

Old woman on old bed of furs. Beautiful but ugly as well. Powers are growing as well. Only knows of one, only saw one. Ways to defeat include DO NOT gypsy ways NOR normal weapons.
They have come to fight. Born in Carath. Heavily bandaged legs – blood oozing through bandages.
It lives in a cottage deep in the south woods, in a valley. One beast. She gives directions.