• Aldo Greenspan

    Aldo Greenspan

    Human male 27 years old. Born June 11 972. 6 feet 1 inch tall weighing 11 stone 11 pounds. Dark brown hair, dark green eyes and tanned brown skin. Quiet, very quiet.
  • Heinrich Gastwirt

    Heinrich Gastwirt

    A fair-skinned, dark-haired man of medium build carrying a surprising variety of flasks, vials and pouches
  • Jaques LeBlanc

    Jaques LeBlanc

    A citizen of the wonderful land of Chaubrette, Jaques has a knack for diplomacy not normally seen in his fellow countrymen. As a result, his career ended up being 'promoted' to Elleslandic Liasion to the Legion of the Light, with predictably hilarious ou
  • Shendir


    A travelling minstrel, with an easy smile and friendly demeanor.