Alec Rapacion


Alec has light brown hair that just reaches his shoulders and a slim, attractive face. He often has an easy going smile on his face and dazzling brown eyes. He stands at around 5’ 10” in height, though sometimes he seems both taller (when taking command of a situation for example) and shorter (when, despite his good looks and presence, he shrinks into the background of a situation). His slim frame also contributes to him seeming shorter than his true height.


Alec’s journey towards the Grim Legion, and later the Legion of the Light, started as it so often does in his childhood. Alec doesn’t have too many memories of his family, but what he does have are of a loving, caring family. His memories of then are tinged with bright golden light and warmth. During Alec’s eighth year, a group of men arrived at his families cabin near the small village of Bexfield in Albion. Fearing bandits (as there had been rumours of increased banditry nearby) Alec’s father hid him beneath the floor boards of the cabin. Alec’s father and two older brothers then went out to meet the strangers. At first things seemed peaceful, but suddenly the men slaughtered Alec’s father nad brothers. The men then ransacked the cabin. As they did so Alec’s mother and sister returned from Bexfield. Alec watched, from between the floor boards, as the men killed the remainder of his family. During this, the ‘men’ changed into half man, half wolf creatures and feasted on the bodies.

After gorging their full the creatures rested in the cabin above before leaving. All the while a frightened little boy silently wept for the loss of his family and childhood.

It was 2 more days before he finally ventured out from underneath the cabin, in search for food. Alec was cared for by strangers in Bexfield, but in his early teens he left. In his wanderings he learnt how to fight (brawl might be a better word) until he met with A Grim Legion cell and taken under the wing of Lucern Poe. Lucern taught Alec how to hunt the Whisperers horrors and make them pay for what they did to Alec’s, and others, families. Alec ultimately tracked down and slew all the creatures that killed his family and is now hunting for their sire. During this time he left Lucern’s tutelage and led his own cell (or rather cells).

It has been Alec’s curse to remain alive whilst so many of his companions and colleagues have died. This is in part because Alec does not consider the risk attached to ending the horrors of the Whisperer, only that they need to be ended.

Since Kwaarm started the Legion of the Light Alec has found a purpose as a high ranking member directing the various Chapters under his leadership to protect those who are preyed on by the preternatural.

Alec Rapacion

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