Darryl Matthewson


Darryl is a man of light build, standing 5’7" tall. He appears to be in his mid-twenties, but his face is weathered and marked by combat. His pale green eyes are often set in a frown of concentration, but he has a ready smile. His blond hair is cut close to his head and brushed straight back from his face.

He usually wears simple tunics and pants in dark shades of grey, with a hooded cloak to match. When on Legion business, he wears chain mail with a Legion tabard. He usually carries a sabre at one hip and a thin club with strange, carved designs at the other.


Darryl was born to a poor family in Port Clyster, and grew up surrounded by the injustice of the slums. As he grew, he came to hate those who preyed on the helpless and fought against them where he could. In the end, he found that he could work with the authorities and the Church and be paid to bring criminals in.

His life changed when, upon raiding a group of thieves, he found that they were hardly even human. He barely escaped and sought help from the Church, which sent the Legion of the Light to deal with the creatures. Having been confronted with a worse threat than he thought was possible, Darryl soon decided to join the Legion himself.

His time in the Legion has seen him confront many strange beings, and he has come to think that some of them may be as worthy of his protection as members of the Church – a view which has only been reinforced by his experiences with the Church. Nevertheless, he continues to protect the helpless as best he can.

Darryl Matthewson

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