Heinrich Gastwirt

A fair-skinned, dark-haired man of medium build carrying a surprising variety of flasks, vials and pouches


Heinrich is a physically unremarkable man. He is of middling build with dark hair, fair skin and a northern European cast to his features. Probably his most significant attribute are his dexterous hands.

He wears simple, practical traveller’s clothes consisting of woolen shirt, pants and cloak and heavy leather boots (which he rarely takes off). He prefers to use a club as his primary weapon, citing long experience at breaking up taproom brawls and dissuading the occasional robber, although he also carries several knives. He doesn’t use a shield and his only armour is a thick quilted jacket and a boiled leather cap.

Heinrich has a pack but he has few belonings to carry. He is far more concerned about the contents of the pouches at his belt and the variety of containers stowed in or hanging from a bandolier over one shoulder. The containers are a mixed bunch, some of them are pottery, others metal and a few glass; their size and shape are similarly varied.


(the public version)
Heinrich is a Kurlish innkeeper, at least he was. He inherited the inn, whose name translates to Elleslandic simply as The Hind, from his father and he ran it with the help of his mother Elsa, younger brother Rudolph and sisters Ingrid and Maria.

Heinrich doubled as the inn’s brewmaster and, thanks in no small part to his talents, the inn was moderately successful. Being a pious man and having some money to spare, Heinrich left the inn in the hands of his relatives and travelled south to witness the Great Conclave.

He was on the parade route near the harbour when the chaos started. Taking refuge in a walled estate he was captured by a warlock and rescued after the intervention of Legionnaires.

He joined the adventurers for a measure of protection during the rioting and as a way to get out of Florentine. However, recent events aboard a Velsana Black Ark have caused him to realise that his new companions, for all their peculiarities, have the potential to be a potent force for good in the world. Which might explain why Heinrich finds himself on board a ship bound for Ellesland.

Heinrich, despite being a worldly man by the standard of the day, is still coming to terms with his first taste of real violence and life-threatening peril. Until very recently he has been motivated primarily by a sense of self-preservation. He is very intelligent, although his curiousity drives him more towards “practical” experiments than philosophical enquiry. The same curiosity (and impatience) causes him to be a little hasty at times and, on occasion, he will look for the most expedient way of doing things rather than quibble about the best way or the right way.

Heinrich Gastwirt

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