Lord Lorgalis

Supposed Lord of Arafele


What Others Said
“It is so sad, seeing a man lose all he has. Pass me the salt will you…”

What Others Say
“Tricky, treachous b@#%*&d”


In the bay of Arafele, off of the coast of Emphidor, lies the Isle of Arafele. Nestled between Analika and Emphidor, it is actually more of an independent city-state than a nation. Both of its neighbours claim Arafele as a province despite its protests. Indeed, Arafele has claimed independence for almost 20 years. What independence Arafele has is maintained through its isolation and their one major asset – oil. The lamp oil produced here rivals that from the olive groves of Emphidor and Asmulia and is superior to the natural oil of Albion. Despite the provincial claims of the Arafele’s continental neighbours, none of them know where the oil reserves are located and the people of Arafele keep it that way.

The ruler of Arafele is styled “the First”, which once meant the first lord or lady. Lord Alexander Lorgalis was the current First.

It was just over a year ago that the warlord lo Gorgona overthrew the city state of Arafele. Since then he has also conquered Ly-Aran, once part of Analika, and the city state called Berelain in Molasaria. Ever since this day, Lord Lorgalis had been in exile.

Lord Lorgalis was busy though, travelling from country to country around the Coradian Sea attempting to gather support for retaking his country. Analika and Molisaria supported him, but had little in the way of an army. Ultimately, he arrived in Albion and with the support of the then King Haric of Albion, talks were convened with Albion, Algandy, Asmulia, Kurland, Karameikos, Tierra and Emphidor to raise a fleet and army to help him retake his land.

Lorgalis was successful and the fleet headed to Arafele to retake it.

However, Lorgalis was actually lo Gorgona as well. He wanted the fleet sent so he could ambush it and severly weaken the armed forces of the nations. lo Gorgona was also an alias for the Baron Hauptmann and he wanted these forces weakened and distracted so that his other plots would proceed unhindered.

Lord Lorgalis

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