The Old Woman


“Ya want ter know ‘bout ter Old Woman? More ter fool ya. She sticks to ter shadows, and trust me this is fer ya benefit. Ya don’t want her in ter light. When she shuffles inta ter light she is dressed in a yellowed, moth-holed wedding dress and smells of damp and mold. Her face is hidden by her yellow veil and her clawed, scab covered hands are dressed in lace gloves. Yer don’t want ter visit ter Old Woman. The price is not worth it.”


The person known only as ‘The Old Woman’ is primarily known to reside in the sewers of Port Clyster. The Old Woman is best thought of as a professional practitioner of magick providing sorcerous remedies for specific problems – such as removing rivals, capturing the heart of an unrequited love or divining the better investment. The Old Woman is responsible for forging Cathall’s sword that was designed to destroy the Myrridin.

The Old Woman’s services always have a price, ranging from coin, murder, informing a man his family have been killed and a kiss – under the veil!

The Old Woman

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