Varnon Drake



Varnon Drake is a former member of the Legion of the Light who met up with Daryl’s squad in Florentine while working for Inquisitor Tyrus, and has accompanied the squad on a couple of missions since.

It seems likely that he will continue to work with the Legion, although he is answerable to Tyrus.

Varnon is around 5’10", with dark brown hair and blue eyes. His hair has been in a variety of styles, but it is currently cut short in the style of a monk or penitent, and he is currently clean shaven, although he has been known to sport a mustache in the past. He wears chain-mail in combat, and usually wears either formal legion regalia, or penitents clothing while in the barracks, and normal travel gear when on the road, favouring dark gray and brown.

Varnon is generally a somber character, and almost never laughs or smiles. There is a certain madness in his eyes, especially when on a mission, or when something unexpected has occurred. The closest he ever comes to being truly calm is when there appears to be no escape, and his own death is assured. He talks in slightly rambling sentences, alternating between soft and loud, but with the manner of an educated man.

His fighting style is very rigid, showing little flair or opportunism in combat, but instead seeking to wear down his opponents.

Varnon shows no fear of death – in fact it seems at times that he would almost welcome it, but it is not a subject he will discuss.

Of his current companions, Varnon is most comfortable around Shendir, but he displays a fierce loyalty to all of what he considers to be his companions, and anyone else who he believes is fighting the good fight against dark forces.


Varnon was brought up in the Drake household, the eldest son of Alexander Drake, a knight in the service of Earl Montembrey, and Rebecca, the sister of one of Alexander’s fellow knights. Varnon has a younger brother, Marcus (18 months younger), and a sister, Mary (5 years younger).

He was trained in the martial way his whole life, but was a constant disappointment to his father due to his natural clumsiness. Varnon trained as a swordsman, but his lack of natural gifts made it hard for him, and he was mercilessly bullied by other children. Marcus proved to be a natural at swordplay, and quickly outstripped him despite his young age. Lacking motivation, Varnon spent little effort in improving himself.

Varnon’s main refuge as a child was academia, he studied Algandarve and Barchille, and spent a great deal of time reading historical novels, especially about Avon-Leigh. At age 15 he travelled to Cantorbridge to study more about this period. It was during this time that he first became aware of the occult, finding various books at Cantorbridge describing the world beyond our own.

Varnon returned home with a purpose in life that had been lacking – knowing of the creatures that were out there he began training diligently, not for the service of the Earl, but to face the things from other worlds.

At age 18, Varnon traveled to Algandy, ostensibly to visit relatives, but primarily to search for various tomes. While there, he met up with Riilthorne, Duncan, Shendir and Enrico, and investigated both a conspiracy targeting his relatives (the Sign of Four) and the mysterious happenings at the Opera House. Coming face to face with the very creatures he had been training himself to fight, Varnon petitioned to join the Legion of the Light, and was accepted as a novitiate, and to work in the Legion Library.

He was later accepted as a Theurgist under Maltaa, and learned the basics of magic.

After a number of missions, he was promoted to Tertiary, however after the incident with the Green Knight he was suspended from the Legion, and imprisoned in a monastery of the Sisters of Chosen Claire.

After further incidents at the monastery, he was pressed into service of Inquisitor Tyrus. While in Florentine for the Conclave he was released back to the Legion to perform services for the Inquisition.

Varnon Drake

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