The Baton of Tsathoggua



The Baton is made from dark polished mahogany. It is 2’ long, weighing about 4lbs and uncarved except for the tips, which resemble grinning inhuman faces that appear slightly different each time they are looked at.

Known Game Mechanics:
If nothing is known about the baton, it counts as a +1 club.

If the key knowledge below is known, the Baton acts as follows:

  • If used as a bludgeoning weapon under normal circumstancs it grants a 3 to hit, causes 1d83 points of damage to all size groups, and has a speed of 4.
  • Against Chton’s children, it grants a 5 to hit and causes 2d86 points of damage.

Key Knowledge 1:
The Baton is said to have been carved by Tsathoggua himself and supposedly given to his most trusted lieutenants to use as a weapon against the forces of his father, Cthon.

Key Knowledge 2:
It is said that the Baton can be used to temporarily banish some of Chton’s weaker children and that it is a bane to all others.

The Baton of Tsathoggua

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