The Priest's Pills

The Priest's Pills


Jaques lifted these from the horribly mangled wreckage of the red robed priest. I recall we had to stop a congreation’s chanting, and so someone, I can’t remember who exactly, suggested throwing a lump or two down the stairs, rather than trying to execute all the people at once.

Of course, they were glowing so I lifted them and carried them for ages. 12 in total, 6 slightly larger, enchantment. I sent one of each type to Chaubrette for analysis and after many months the result came back – inconclusive. Thanks, guys.

I’m fairly sure they’re something to do with providing/restoring power points for magic, or possibly stealing someone elses – given their history I don’t want to take them, but I also don’t want to waste something good on a guinea pig. Plus I feel bad doing using my friends as such.


The red robed Priest of some Dark Power.
Dunno how he made them, what they’re made of, or what they’re for.
But they glow…. to me at least

The Priest's Pills

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