Emporium - Property and Services



Item Cost Avail. Item Cost Avail.
Castle, fortified210,000 GFRare Castle, huge500,000 GFVery Rare
Keep, stone90,000 GFRare Keep, wood (fort)45,000 GFRare
Moat, with bridge20,000 GFRare Opulent House + large garden4800 GFRare
Palace, small30,000 GFVery Rare Rural House270 GFCommon
Rural House (Grand)1280 GFScarce Rural House (large manor)16,520 GFRare
Rural House (small manor)2,860 GFScarce Rural House (well to do)800 GFAverage
Rural Hovel 90 GFCommon Tower, stone50,000 GFRare
Tower, wood30,000 GFRare Town House (Rich Noble)21,600 GFVery Rare
Urban House450 GFAverage Urban House (Grand)2400 GFRare
Urban House (well to do)1500 GFScarce Urban Hovel150 GFCommon
Smithy200 GFRare Leatherworker’s Workshop50 GFScarce


Land Cost per Acre Rent per Year per Acre Avail. (Buy/Rent)
Poor Rural45 GF4 GFAverage/Common
Common Rural90 GF9 GF Average/Common
Good Rural270 GF27 GF Scarce/Average
Best Rural900 GF90 GF Rare/Scarce
Poor Urban225 GF22 GF Scarce/Average
Common Urban450 GF45 GF Rare/Scarce
Good Urban1,350 GF135 GF Very Rare/Rare
Best Urban4,500 GF450 GF Very Rare/Rare


Business Cost Avail. Business Cost Avail.
Farm200 GFAverage Inn250 GFScarce
Trader275 GFScarce Craftsman440 GFScarce
Specialist800 GFScarce


Item Cost Avail. Item Cost Avail.
Bath3 cbPlentiful Clerk (per page of papyrus)1 GFAverage
Healer, per injury5 GFScarce Healer, per visit15 GFScarce
Mail (per 10 miles)5 spAverage Messenger, Urban (per message)1 spCommon
Mourner2 spAverage Physician Visit, per visit30 GFRare
Physician, per injury10 GFRare Teamster with wagon (per mile)1 spCommon


Item Cost per day Cost per week Cost per month Avail. Item Cost per day Cost per week Cost per month Avail.
Ambassador or Official20 GF100 GF300 GFRare Architect15 GF50 GF200 GFRare
Armsman15 sp7 GF35 GFScarce Armsman, Archer2 GF9 GF45 GFRare
Armsman, Engineer15 GF45 GF150 GFVery Rare Armsman, Guard1 GF8 GF40 GFAverage
Armsman, Mounted35 sp17 GF70 GFRare Armsman, Shieldbearer4 sp15 sp9 GFScarce
Artisan2 GF10 GF60 GFAverage Clerk5 sp2 GF8 GFCommon
Entertainer1 GF5 GF30 GFCommon Groom2 sp1 GF8 GFCommon
Guide, Urban or Rural1 sp7 sp2 GFCommon Guide, Wilderness1 GF5 GF25 GFAverage
Huntsman2 GF10 GF50 GFAverage Labourer2 sp1 GF10 GFCommon
Messenger, Rural1 GF7 GF35 GFScarce Messenger, Urban6 sp3 GF20 GFAverage
Servant6 sp3 GF20 GFAverage


Item is… Village Large Village Small Town Town Major Town or City
Very Rare 1% 5% 5% 10% 25%
Rare 3% 7% 10% 15% 30%
Scarce 5% 10% 15% 25% 40%
Average 10% 20% 27% 35% 55%
Common 20% 35% 45% 50% 80%
Plentiful 35% 60% 65% 70% 100%

Emporium - Property and Services

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