Emporium - Transport



Item Cost Avail. Item Cost Avail.
Courser225 GFScarce Destrier400 GFRare
Hackney75 GFCommon Palfrey300 GFRare
Rounsey150 GFAverage Pony30 GFCommon


Item Cost Wgt Avail. Item Cost Wgt Avail.
Barding, Brigandine500 GF45 lbsRare Barding, Chain500 GF70 lbsVery Rare
Barding, Leather150 GF60 lbsScarce Barding, Plate2,000 GF85 lbsVery Rare
Barding, Textile100 GF25 lbsScarce Bit and Bridle2 GF1 lbPlentiful
Feed (per day)5 cb10 lbsPlentiful Halter5 cbPlentiful
Harness, Cart2 GF10 lbsPlentiful Horseshoes and Shoeing (per horse)1 GF10 lbsPlentiful
Saddle Bag, Large4 GF8 lbsAverage Saddle Bag, Small3 GF5 lbsAverage
Saddle Blanket3 sp4 lbsPlentiful Saddle, Military10 GF30 lbsScarce
Saddle, Pack15gp15 lbsAverage Saddle, Riding10 GF25 lbsCommon
Stabling (per day)5 spCommon


Item Cost Avail. Item Cost Avail.
Barge500 GFRare Carriage100 GFRare
Cart15 GFCommon Coach, ornamental7,000 GFVery Rare
Dog Sled30 GFRare Galleon50,000 GFVery Rare
Galley30,000 GFVery Rare Keelboat3,000 GFVery Rare
Longship10,000 GFVery Rare River Boat700 GFRare
Rowboat50 GFAverage Rowboat, Oar2 GFAverage
Ship, Coaster5,000 GFVery Rare Ship, Sailing10,000 GFVery Rare
Sled20 GFScarce Wagon35 GFCommon
Wagon or Cart Wheel5 GFCommon Warship25,000 GFVery Rare


Per 10 Miles Cost Avail. Per 10 Miles Cost Avail.
Cart / Wagon15 spPlentiful Cart, 2 Horse3 GFPlentiful
Coach7 GFAverage River Boat 5 spCommon
Wagon, 3 Horse (per day)4 GFCommon Coach, cab (per mile)3 spAverage
Road or Gate Toll1 cb- Ship’s Passage1 GFAverage
Horse, Rounsey10 GFScarce Horse, Hackney5 GFAverage
Pony25 spCommon Donkey or Mule1 spCommon
Horse, Sumpter5 spAverage Stabling (per day)5 spPlentiful
Feed (per day)5 cbPlentiful


Item Cost per day Cost per week Avail. Item Cost per day Cost per week Avail.
City Rooms, Common1 GF5 GFAverage City Rooms, Poor4 cb2 spPlentiful
City Rooms, Wealthy5 GF20 GFScarce Common room floor5 cb2 spPlentiful
Dormitory2 sp12 spCommon Opulent House + large garden14 GF60 GFRare
Palace, small45 GF225 GFVery Rare Private room4 GF24 GFScarce
Rural House4 sp2 GFCommon Rural House (large manor)10 GF60 GFRare
Rural House (small manor)3 GF12 GFScarce Rural House (wealthy)16 sp8 GFScarce
Rural House (well to do)8 sp36 spAverage Rural Hovel 2 cb1 spPlentiful
Shared room2 GF12 GFCommon Town House35 GF180 GFRare
Urban House2 GF10 GFCommon Urban House (wealthy)8 GF40 GFScarce
Urban House (well to do)4 GF18 GFScarce Urban Hovel5 cb25 cbPlentiful


Item is… Village Large Village Small Town Town Major Town or City
Very Rare 1% 5% 5% 10% 25%
Rare 3% 7% 10% 15% 30%
Scarce 5% 10% 15% 25% 40%
Average 10% 20% 27% 35% 55%
Common 20% 35% 45% 50% 80%
Plentiful 35% 60% 65% 70% 100%

Emporium - Transport

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