Kaffa is a small ‘town’ in Asmulia that ekes a living through servicing trade caravans. It was once a major player in the slave trade that passes between Ta’ashim, Khanate and Erebian lands.

The main street is a rutted and hard mass of dust edging the rows of slumping, dingy buidlings. To the south rise the slopes of Monte Cervina and her small sisters. To the east are the farm lands bordering the Plains of Maggiore.

In the winter thunderstorms hammer Kaffa, shaking the tiles and shutters. Veils of mist swath the countryside and the stillness is alive with gurgling and dripping and the swarming of midges.

Lyko fled to Kaff from Florentine with Esarhaddon. He arranged set up a bogus slave auction through Piramo Merizzi to trap anyone following him.


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