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Item Cost Wgt Avail. Item Cost Wgt Avail.
Blessed Water (vial) 25 GF lb Scarce Reliquary, plain 50 GF 5-10 lbs Rare Reliquary, ornate 500 GF 10-20 lbs Rare Blessed Relic, small 100 GF 2 lbs Rare Blessed Relic,large 1,000 GF 5-20 lbs Very Rare Tinderstick / Fire Inch-Stick 1 GF Rare Vitriol, Blue or White (jar) 10 GF 1 lb Rare Vitriol, Yellow (vial) 100 GF 5 lbs Very Rare Vitriol, Green (vial) 50 GF 5 lbs Very Rare


Jewellery is a great way to accentuate a person’s good looks, present loyalties or faith, or display one’s wealth. Few people, however, can afford the expense of a gold ring, silver bracelet or ivory torc.

The base prices below are for items made of copper or bronze.

Item Cost Wt Description
Armband 25 GF 1/2 lb Wide metal clasps that fit over the upper arm. Beads 5 GF 1/3 lb String set with decorative beads of small plaques Bracelet 8 GF 1/3 lb Slender chain worn on the wrist or ankle (anklet). Brooch or Pendant 20 GF 1/3 lb Comb 10 GF 1/10 lb Crown 50 GF 1/2 lb Solid metal circlet for the head, made from a simple metal Earring 12 GF 1/100 lb Includes a nose ring Fibula 18 GF 1/5 lb Resembles a large safety pin. Used as a fastener and an ornament Locket 15 GF 1/5 lb Necklace or neck chain 30 GF 3/100 lb A slender chain of metal. Ring 15 GF 1/10 lb Torc 35 GF 2/5 lb Sold metal neckpiece, popular in the Kell world


  • Size: jewellery can be made larger, increasing weight and cost proportionately. Indeed, most jewellery is larger – the items on the table above are small examples of their kind.
  • Decorations: any option for decorating equipment that suits hard or metal goods can be applied. Apply cost modifiers before applying the cost of materials.
  • Materials: Jewellery can be made from materials other than copper or bronze.
    • Lesser materials: with the exceptions of chains and fibulas, the other items can be made from carved wood, bone, shell or ceramic and held together with fabric or cord. Cost x0.6
    • Precious Metals: Weight x1.15 for silver, and x2.1 for gold. Multiple the item’s weight for silver 1000 GF or 9000 GF for gold and add this to the final cost of the item.
  • Stones: Jewellers have started to put gemstones on settings backed with polished silver foil to make them appear more luminous with reflected light. Add the cost of the stone onto the final cost of the piece of jewellery, and multiply the cost (prior to adding cost for materials) by 2 for fabrication costs.


Item is… Village Large Village Small Town Town Major Town or City Very Rare 1% 5% 5% 10% 25% Rare 3% 7% 10% 15% 30% Scarce 5% 10% 15% 25% 40% Average 10% 20% 27% 35% 55% Common 20% 35% 45% 50% 80% Plentiful 35% 60% 65% 70% 100%

Emporium - Luxuries

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