The foothills of the Pagan Mountains are full of unchecked roaming brigands and masterless knights.

The Land: Ereworn has a very irregular coastline. The western coast in particular is deeply penetrated by numerous arms of the sea, most of which are narrow submerged valleys, known as sea lochs, and by a number of broad indentations, generally called firths.

Ereworn is characterised by an abundance of streams and lakes (lochs).

Outside the towns, the countryside is bleak and scattered with crude forts and peasant hovels. Many villages are deserted because of the Black Death that has claimed many of the people. At night the peasants shut themselves inside, afraid of devils and goblins dancing on the rooftops, and the Hunter of Souls stalks the land with his two hounds – Pestilence and Plague.

Cultural Level: Classical.

Ruler: In the far north of Ellesland, in the kingdom of Ereworn, the influence of law is scarcely felt. The throne lies empty whilst numerous claims to the succession are made. The real power in the land resides with anarchy and lawlessness.

Banner: Whilst the throne lies empty there is no official banner for Ereworn.

Personalities of Note: The lairds of Ereworn are either mad or irredeemably steeped in evil. Some are both. Vendettas amongst themselves and wars against Thuland, Cornumbria and Albion form the yearly round. The most powerful and feared of these lairds is the Black Duke, Darian of Ereworn (a village, not the country).

The Folk: The racial stock is mostly native Elleslander, with a mixture of Mercanian and Algandarve blood. The gods worshipped here are the strange primeval deities that the druids called upon – Lahmfada, Kernanu, Morkaan; shadowy entities of the forest mountains. The Selentine Church is not recognised at all. Merchants and traders seldom visit the ports of Ereworn, as one’s life may be lost as easily as one’s merchandise.

Kell, orcs and humans are the norm. Hin (and Saldeans) are, if recognised, treated as freaks.

Native Player Characters: Kell, Orcs and Humans may come from Ereworn. No Mystics can come from this dark, corrupt land. Due to the fact that they have been exposed to tales of ghosts and other non-corporal creatures since childhood, characters from Ereworn receive a +1 bonus to all fear, horror and sanity checks involving such creatures.


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