Historia Elleslonum

This tome talks of the history and royal line of the Isle of Ellesland. Nennius wrote mainly about present-day Cornumbria and Albion. The book is written in a very stylised but formal script. The emblem on the first page inside the leather cover indicates that the book was transcribed by the monks at Ch. Benedict’s in Cornumbria.

According to Nennius, Vortigern’s prophet was called Ambrosius and he came and went from the King’s court as he pleased.

Nennius talks of the first meeting between Ambrosius and Vortigern…

“…and so for the third time was Vortigern’s tower built and for the third time did it fall. So, the great King called forth his Druids and put to them the question as to why his great tower continued to call down. And the Druids, who had been pondering this question, answered. ‘The stone upon which the great tower is built is not strong enough to hold it’s magnificence, which is but a reflection of your own. We have considered the signs and they indicate that the blood of a child with no father is required to seal the stone upon which the Tower is to be built.’ And so Vortigern sent forth his Druids to find such a child. Many were sacrificed to fuel the blood magic needed to aid their search. Finally, his Druids found a young boy by the name of Ambrosius, who was sired by no earthly father. They took him to their King. ‘This child,’ they declared as Ambrosius was then but twelve, ‘this child was fathered by one of the Dark Ones, by an Elder. His blood shall temper and strengthen the stone so that your Great tower may be built.’ And so Ambrosius stepped forward, and he spoke before the King and the Druids of Vortigern. ‘Lord, your great Druids are wrong. Should you kill me and use my blood to seal the stone upon which your Tower is to be built, it will fall for a fourth and final time. The reason your tower will not remain standing is not the one your Druids have told you. In their rush to please you, they have misread the signs before them. The reason that the tower continues to fall is because where you wish to build it is above a battleground. On this battleground two dragons, one red, one white, fight each other savagely. These dragons will continue to fight, as do the Kell and the Kurlish, until one conquers the other. To build your great Tower you must move on and build it elsewhere until the red dragon defeats the white. Once this happens, you can build your tower here.’ Vortigern listened to the boy before him and then looked at his Druids. And he decided that he would build his tower elsewhere and that the boy Ambrosius would not be killed…”

Ambrosius displays his powers of prophecy and at the tender age of fourteen, becomes an advisor to his king. Ambrosius is not mentioned much other than as a background figure in the rest of Nennius’s writings.

Historia Elleslonum

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