Church of Tamor

Church of Tamor; Tamorian Church

Holy City: Tamor, the capital of the New Selentium Empire; Ibrahim, birthplace of the Saviour, located in Zhenir.

Mortal Head: His Most Holy, Patriarch Tielhard

Holy Canons: The Sacred Covenant (consists of two different texts: the First Covenant and the Second Covenant).

Holy Symbol: Stylised sun.

Majority Areas: New Selentium Empire

Other Areas: Ferromaine

No. of followers: 400,000 +

Martial Arm: Empire’s cavalry

Holy Days: Venitago, 1st day of Spring. Celebrates the birth of Gatanades.

Other Names: Tamorian Church

Largely a martial church which befits a young nation which has had to struggle to establish itself. The Tamorian Church follows largely the same faith as the Church of Selentium. However, the Tamorian church is on the verge of heterodoxy. According to their beliefs, the Saviour was ‘promoted’ to godhood by his actions in much the way that the Imperators of old were deified after their death. The Selentine Church, however, teaches that the Saviour was preordained to bring salvation to the world – literally, that he was the Son of God. The two factions are in almost complete agreement on the Saviour’s teachings and on the nature of God himself, but this one doctrinal difference is enough to separate the Tamorian Church from the Selentium. Of course, it is on just such trivial wrangling that sectarian divisions are always formed. Doctrinal distinctions are fine and need not be explored here, but the main distinction is the image of the Pantocrator – a stern aspect of the Saviour as ‘Judge of the World’ rarely seen outside the New Empire. A further analysis of these theological squabbles is best sought elsewhere and it need only be noted that the differences between the Selentine and Tamorian Churches is receding into the background somewhat as the threat of the Ta’ashim faith brings a unifying force.

Church of Tamor

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