Des Sankta Glavos

“Let the word go out. Those who oppose the Church, oppose the will of Uriel and the teachings of Gatanades. Those who would take the path offered by the Whisperer of Impossible Secrets will suffer the cleansing flames of retribution. Have no doubt – the agents of Uriel are all-seeing and unstoppable. When you strike against the Church you face us, des Sankta Glavos, the Holy Swords, Uriel’s blades. There will be no salvation and there will be no escape!”

- Benefice Vincenzo

It is not possible to know who are those who strain to hear the quiet murmurs of the Whisperer, and they can be found anywhere. They plot and scheme to cause as much damage as they can to the Church and those who walk in its’ Light, trying to steal innocent souls away from Uriel. Qabalists challenge the power of the Church, while Kultists defile the Holy Empire of Uriel. All of these evil blights must be found and removed before they pervert the blessed. They must be destroyed in the fires of retribution. Nothing is more important than vanquishing the threat of this corruption. Whilst the Inquisitor is tasked with discovery, sentencing and often execution of heretics, the des Sankta Glavos is charged with the protection of the property of the Church. This includes all material possessions (churches, Inquisitors, benefices, ???, gold, and the lands of the Church are a few examples) as well as the spiritual possessions (followers, the good name of the Church, and against those who would spread open dissent against the Church).

The Des Sankta Glavos (the Holy Swords) is a military order established almost five hundred years ago (in the early 6th century) by the Church to protect itself from any who would do it harm. Hard, pious men, the Knights commence training in the order at a young age as squires. From the moment of entry their every thought, word and deed is expected to be in the service of Uriel and the Creator. They will be found at the forefront of any conflict, protecting the Church and nation from harm.

The Knights are governed by a Grand Marshal who is subject only to the Holy Pontiff and the Grand Inquisitor of the Church of Selentine. They maintain several fortresses and a small fleet of vessels. As with all Church Orders they are exempt from taxes and are not subject to common law but Church Law. This means elected magistrates, city leaders, and crown appointed officers have no jurisdiction over the activities of the Order.

The Order’s reputation as the most feared shock troops in the known world is well deserved as centuries of constant warfare have honed their skills to the point where there are few who can stand against them. The Sankta Glavos have been accused of being arrogant and unyielding in their faith, of holding themselves above those less devout. Their accusers are right.

The apostolate of the des Sankta Glavos is to support and defend the Holy Office.

From the beginning of the des Sankta Glavos as a military force, it has worked in groups of three called “lances.” Originally, a lance consisted of a mounted soldier, a squire, and a lancer (sometimes afoot, sometimes mounted). Requests often came for numbers of lances: four hundred lances represented 1200 soldiers with a minimum of 400 cavalry men. Although military tactics have changed, the des Sankta Glavos prefer to work in groups of three.

The roles of the des Sankta Glavos is to stamp out these threats and the agents of the Whisperer wherever it is found, with extreme prejudice, thereby setting an indelible example in the minds of those who might otherwise be tempted to walk the same path. Lances of des Sankta Glavos often work directly under the auspices of the Inquisitors themselves.

Des Sankta Glavos

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