Libre Inquisitorum

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The Libre Inquisitorum is Inquisitor Davad Oramatis’s most prominent and enduring work and one of the primary forerunners of the better known Malleus Maleficarum. The Libre defined witchcraft and describes means for discovering witches.

The Libre describes various forbidden magical practices including the baptism of images, fumigating the head of a dead person, casting salt on fire, burning bodies of animals and birds, conjuring spirits, invoking names, and chiromancy. In the Libre Inquisitorum, Oramastis considers socerery to be a form of heresy, an important definition as the Inquisition’s mandate was the suppression of heresy. The idea was not unique, or even original, to Oramastis, but it had been developing since the late ??? century.

In addition to describing common magickal practices, Oramastis also describes means for extracting a confession that included primitive psychological manipulation as well as torture. On torture, Orasmastis says that “torture is deceptive and ineffectual”.

The Libre Inquisitorum became the definitive handbook of procedure for the Inquisition until the ??? century. It has seen numerous printings and many of the early printings are now highly valuable.

Libre Inquisitorum

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