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…What constitutes fanaticism? Is it extreme behaviour? Unyielding beliefs? Or the values of the person doing the judging?

The Selentine Church is a monolithic, byzantine organisation. A confusing tangle of groups, organisations, power and secrets. Even many of those who serve the Church are ignorant of all but the most fundamental structures and relationships of their organisation. Others still know almost nothing at all.

Many of these differences have come over the meaning of the teachings of Gatanades, others about the correct interpretation of ancient writings.

Office of the Censor


Ecclesiastic Orders

Scholar Monks of Cornumbria
Sisterhood of Lady Ezra
Pastrom, the most numerous order whose priests preach the sermons and guide the layfolk;
Episkopom, made up of the Benefices and administrators who amongst other things appoint inquisitors to root out heresy;
Helitites, the most fervent sect whose missionaries take the teachings of Gatanades to the ungodly, converting with words and steel.
Order of Chosen Joan
Brethen of Albertus

Secular Orders
Crusaders of Verwol – very militant, the rough and crude are usually attracted to this order.
Des Sankta Glavos, the Holy Swords, trained to defend the Church and it’s property;
Legion of the Light
The Knights Capellar.


Many of those who serve the Church as people of strong character and conviction, leading to different views on how best to servce the Creator and Uriel. These disagreements, though more philosophical in nature, cause further divisions within the Church as those with common cause and like mind have, over the centuries, banded together into schismatic groups or factions.

Factions are not necessarily heretical, though for the more puritan groups the distinction between schism, disagreement and heresy is one of semantics.

Puritan Factions
Puritan factions are typically perceived by the Church as the most pious, ardent and faithful of the factions. They are the ultimate protectors of the flock.

Vow that none should threaten the strength of the Churc that it has built over the last few centuries. They have decreed that they will forever strive to maintain the current order and destroy those who seek to destabilise the Church and the nations of the Church. They are less concerned with the traditional heresies and instead seek to keep infighting and politicking within the Church to a minimum, holding to the mantra of strength through unity.

Those who are not of the Selentine Church cannot be saved. Their goal is the complete and total destruction of every non-human, heretic, witch and non-believer. Monodominants have absolutely no toelerance for any form of aberrant behaviour, even resorting to drastic military solutions in order to enforce their will.

This faction is named after the seminal work by Inquisitor Davad Oramatis: Monodominatus – The Right of Man to Walk in the Light. This multi-volume epic drew upon the venerable inquisitors experience of dealing with non-humans and foreign countries and came…

No other faction resorts to the use of Exterminatus so readily, destroying whole towns in their quest for the purety and supremacy of the faithful.

Society of Gatanades
Founded by Chosen Ignatius and was instrumental in the spread of the Church eastwards. The Society is focused on the salvation of the Church, the faithful, and all of humankind. The Society is not limited to a particular espostolate. Ignatius abandoned many conventional monastic practices that he felt conflicted with an active apostulate.

Spurred on by their wish to ‘redeem’ the unbelievers, usually through the bringing of vengence and fiery judgement to those who stand in the way of the Selentine Church. If in doubt, let Uriel decide.

Believe that Sebastian was divinely inspired and that he moved with Uriel’s Light. They also believed that Uriel’s spirit has manifested itself through chosen vessels many times in times of need. They await the day Uriel shall be reborn and lead his people onwards in continuation of the Great Crusade against the non-human and heathens.

Radical Factions
Many of the Radical factions believe that the means they employ to achieve their goals are secondary to the achievement of them. In some cases, this can even mean the use of tainted knowledge and artifacts or reprehensible methods.

Advocate the use of magic and the Infernal in further the goals of the Church. They believe that to know the enemy is valuable indeed and that the powers of the enemy should be harnessed to protect the faithful and combat the Infernal.

The Church of Selentium is a waning, decaying thing that is riddled with corruption. For the Church to return to its former glory, the shackles of the present must be broken apart. Once they lie in pieces, the Church can be forged anew, stronger and purer than ever before.

Believes in resurrection and follows Uriels warrior ideals and a precursor of truth and order.

Mankinds evolution has slowed to a crawl. They believe that the Church will become stronger through conflict, with only the toughest and most worthy surviving.


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