The Kell Druidic Faith

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Majority Areas: Ereworn, Glissom

Other Areas: Thuland, Albion, Cornumbria, Kurland.

No. of followers: 400,000+

Holy Days: Diverse

What remains of the druidic faith of the Kell has no one ‘holy city’, ‘mortal head’, ‘holy canon’ or ‘holy symbol’. They also have no set martial arm. There are four main deities that the Kell acknowledge, as well as a host of minor ones. The four central gods are: Lahmfalda, lord of weather, crops and druids (especially their wisdom); Kernanu, master of oceans, rivers and the creatures within them; Morkaan, keeper of nature, trees, wild plants and wild animals; and Diancecht, goddess of medicine and healing. Another important figure is Rimfax, dark lord of disease and death.

At this time, few druids actually remain, and most of the druidic lore has been lost. The natives of Albion and Cornumbria were converted to the Church of Selentium during the occupation of Ellesland by the Empire. However, when the Empire withdrew, many reverted to the Old Faith of their ancestors.

The Kell Druidic Faith

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